Focus Sessions

New Client Introduction

Welcome to Mind State Balancing! We are happy that you are here and hope to give you a relaxing and transformative experience. We would like to start by giving you a brief orientation to the process. There are some basic things you can do to prepare for your sessions.

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Prior to Arrival

We ask that you complete the online subjective and objective surveys prior to your arrival. A link, username, and password will be provided by the person booking your appointments.

To Begin

Upon arrival please check in with our front office staff and they will provide you with a schedule of your sessions. Check to be sure that you have completed the two online surveys. If you have not, you will need to do so before you begin your training.


This is the first step in the training process. The assessment helps us to see how the patterns of energy are laid out in your individual brain. Each brain is like a fingerprint – unique to you as an individual. Using non-invasive electrodes, your trainer will collect data from seven different areas of the brain while the brain is at rest and on task. That data is processed together with the online surveys to generate protocols that we will use to help balance the energy patterns in your brain.


Sessions will consist of 5 - 7 protocols that are designed to help balance your brain. The trainer will place the electrodes at various points on your head. During each protocol you will be listening to your own brain waves set to musical notes, as well as other sounds meant to encourage the brain towards a more balanced state.

Mind State Balancing schedules individuals for 1 or 2 week intensives. The intensive includes brain training two to three times daily – including one brain assessment to begin the intensive. Typically clients sign on for 1 assessment and 10 sessions, all accomplished within a 5 to 7 day period.

Intensives have proven to be one of the best methods to train the brain for new neuro-pathways. For the first few sessions, a brain training session will allow newly created pathways to dominate for a period of time – 24 to 48 hours – and then the older more established pathway will usually return. However, in an intensive, the old pathway does not have an opportunity to regain a dominance and therefore the newly created pathway has an opportunity to extend itself more fully and more quickly than in a training based on a once a week effort.

Helpful Hints

We recommend that you arrive about 5 minutes early to your appointments. If clients are late, we may need to cut time and/or protocol from the session. If clients are more than 10 minutes late, they may have to forfeit the entire session and the cost involved. We appreciate your anticipated cooperation in this matter. It is also important to know that your brain requires additional energy during this process, and it is beneficial to eat more protein than normal while doing sessions. Plenty of water is also important.

What to Expect

Each session is conducted in a private, comfortable room. This private room has a small desk and chair for the trainer, and a very comfortable anti-gravity chair for you. Your trainer will explain the results of your assessment and provide instructions for your sessions based upon the desired results. You won’t need to think about this, your brain will catch on very quickly and will work to balance itself. During a training session your trainer will run a number of protocol structured just for you. Some protocol require you to watch the screen, others allow you to close your eyes and recline in the chair. Your trainer will explain as you begin each segment of the training. During the sessions we encourage you to stay as relaxed as possible without falling asleep. Your brain is most capable of receiving information and changing accordingly while in this state. If you find yourself falling asleep, simply wake yourself up a little and relax. It is common for people to fall asleep during their initial training. Many people are sleep deprived and as soon as the brain recognizes itself, it starts working to balance itself immediately. This is hard work for your brain and requires a good amount of energy. Some people respond by sleeping. Not to worry, your brain is still receiving the information needed to balance itself.

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Similarly, if you begin to get anxious and worried about what is happening on the screen then higher frequencies tend to rise and make change a little more difficult. Please do not worry too much about what is happening on the screen. Remember that the screen is merely reflecting the activity of your brain while you are with us. The brain does not reject what it has learned during the session, but continues to work at balance and harmony even after you leave the office.

Many people will have more profound changes in between sessions as the brain works with the information it has been given. It is important to keep your trainers informed about the experiences you have. Sharing your experience allows them to accurately understand the way you respond and adjust protocols throughout your training sessions. Depending on your needs, protocols may stay the same or change regularly. Many of our clients find it helpful to take notes or keep a journal beginning with your first day of training and continuing for one month after completion.

If you have questions throughout the process feel free to ask your trainers. They will be able to answer your questions or direct them to the appropriate person.

Exit Interview

At the end of your last session, your trainer will review with you the progress you have made and what you can expect from there. Results are generally subtle at first and then they build over time. Many clients notice the most significant changes 2-3 weeks after completing training. In order for us to track your progress we ask that you retake the 2 online surveys before leaving. Our trainers will follow-up with you in three weeks and then again in three months, after completing your training here at Mind State Balancing. The follow-up will be by e-mail and/or phone. However, please feel free to e-mail us at anytime to tell us how you are doing!


There will be four total surveys that you will take. The first survey will be before your assessment. The second survey will be directly following your last session. The third survey will be at approximately three weeks after your intensive is complete during our first follow-up contact. And the fourth survey will be at approximately three months after your intensive during our second follow-up contact. These will all be the same surveys. This allows us to see where changes have occurred and track your progress. You will receive, via email, a link to the BST Optimization Suite along with your username and password to access these surveys.

Things to Tell Your Trainer

Are you on any types of beta blockers (heart medication)? If so, it isn’t advised that you undergo an assessment or training sessions at this time. If you choose to have sessions anyway, please inform your trainer what medication you are using.

How is your hearing? You will be asked some questions as a part of the assessment process and will also be using headphones during your training sessions. Please tell your trainer if you have hearing impairment.

Have you had lasik surgery? If so, please tell your trainer.

Are you sensitive to cool interior temperatures? If so, we recommend you bring a sweater as it is important that you are comfortable while in your session. We also have blankets available for you to use.

Ladies: Please inform your trainer if you are in the active phase of your menstrual cycle, as that can be helpful knowledge during your assessment and sessions.

Life Solutions

Mind State Balancing provides you with a structured approach to overcoming many of life’s obstacles. Children and adults can benefit equally from brain training, and we encourage families to train together. Talk to us today about creating the life you were meant to live!

The first step toward a more balanced life begins with a one hour assessment. The results of your assessment, coupled with your subjective survey are combined to produce a training plan just for you. Individually tailored sessions give you the tools to bring your brain to homeostasis or balance. As each session brings you more into balance, the training plans evolve to reflect your experience and life change. We are with you every step of the way.

Obstacles to a more balanced life may include, but are not limited to:

Addictive Dependencies
(Alcohol, Drug, Gambling, Tobacco)
Brain Injury
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain
Compulsive Behaviors
Eating Disorders
Hyperactivity or loss of focus

Inability to Focus
Lack of Energy
Lack of Concentration
Learning Difficulties
Obsessive Thinking
Panic Attacks
Poor Memory
Sleeping Difficulties

Mind State Balancing is intended to balance and harmonize brain waves, and is not intended to treat, cure, heal or diagnose any disease, mental illness or symptom. If currently under care with a primary care physician, therapist, or other medical professional, you are encouraged to consult with them prior to beginning Mind State Balancing.

Focus Sessions

Brain balancing and harmonizing can help to produce positive results in many areas of life. A more balanced brain can help sharpen your leadership skills, heighten your creativity, improve sports performance, or deepen your meditation practice. Intensives can be arranged to suit your specific needs and talents.

Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills


Often, when corporations find themselves in need of change to advance their market position and/or profit margin, they choose new leadership. A leadership shake-up has the goal of a creative and unique approach to the business. The problem is, however, that repeated corporate shake-ups and employee turn-over will leave the corporate structure vulnerable to leadership professionals without a depth of history in the specific business. Business advances over the long term require both new thinking and stable business endeavors grounded historically. When a corporate culture is one where leadership shake-ups are the norm, individuals in those cultures do not feel secure.

Mind state balancing allows new Board Room thinking from established leadership. Leaders who participate in mind state balancing develop neuro-pathways that are new, efficient, and spawn movement toward individual and organizational peak performance. A fully active and balanced brain adds energy and creativity to the organization, while adding peak achievement as a natural part of the total life endeavors for the participating leaders.

Distinct Optimum Performance for Individuals

Business does not run at optimum performance without the individuals running the business running at optimum performance as individuals. Individual optimum performance is accomplished by the following:

1. Creativity – there are many ways to accomplish any task. What is the BEST way to accomplish a given task which will have maximum success with maximum efficiency? Creative optimization occurs when there is both out-side the box thinking and rational decision making. Mind State Balancing increases both thinking and decision making capability.

2. Harmony – there are many stressors in business. As stress increases, so does the loss of relationship skills and the likelihood of anger. Anger is directed out-ward and seen as rage and/or inward and seen as depression or as an overly serious attitude. An individual capable of handling stress like a judo expert handles the energy of an aggressor is a brain based balance and harmony which mind state balancing trains and enhances to levels not previously experienced.

3. Intuition – in business negotiations and sales there is an element of “knowing” that is beyond thinking. This element is generally known as intuition. As intuition is enhanced and as intuition is trusted, leadership skill and sales capabilities are also enhanced. Mind State Balancing enhances intuition in a measurable way, and therefore the resultant leadership skills and sales are also measurable.


The Martz Agency is an advertising agency which wanted more creativity from its staff. Mind State Balancing trained 5 people of the creative staff for 9 sessions. The result was a significant increase in closure rate based on new and highly creative solutions. Additionally, the staff worked together more efficiently and harmoniously.

P.L. and B.F. were both artists. Both changed their creative expression capabilities to gain positions of confidence and strength in the art world.

J.W. had a business which was not proceeding as he desired and he was facing possible financial bankruptcy. He increased his confidence, his creativity, and his salesmanship to land the biggest deal of his career with Donald Trump himself.

P.W. is a consultant who needed organization, sales capability, and clients. After training for golf, his sales increased significantly as did his proficiency. His clients were rewarded with additional insights as well, and now his business is bustling to the point whereby he has added additional staff. His golf game has continued to improve.

XX is a world class swimmer and manager of over 150 people in a financial institution. After training for 5 sessions, XX was able to beat her 30 year best time record, and two days later completed a business plan in hours that would have taken her months to complete previously.

Improve Sports Performance

Improve Sports Performance

Mind State Balancing provides athletes a means of increasing the synergy between the brain and the body, enhancing physical performance. This increased mind-body connection ultimately leads to increased muscle-memory and more stable and deliverable results at rest, work, and play.

For golfers, this means 2 – 12 strokes off your golf game. For other types of athletes this equates to higher levels of physical capability due not only to increased capacity for muscle memory, but also to increased stamina and endurance through pain mitigation.

Our test group of both male and female golfers experienced a mean value of 4 strokes off their established handicap after three months of Mind State Balancing sessions. These individuals had handicaps in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and over 100 respectively and consisted of both men and women.

At Mind State Balancing we believe where there’s a will, there’s a way. We help individuals create a will by stimulating new neuro-pathways to form, overcoming mental hurdles that hinder you from a physical-capability standpoint.

Meditation Practice

Meditation Practice

Mind State Balancing provide individual clients a means to increase focus and reach deeper meditative states through complex meditation personal exploration. This occurs from an inside out perspective. Individuals who have meditated for many years have learned to go from outside in. They have become attuned to learning what it feels like to have control over many aspects of our biological and neurophysiologic functions that many take for granted. They have learned how this feels from countless hours (and in many cases multiple years) of practicing one of various forms of meditation.

These abilities include quieting the mind and relaxing the body, while letting go of everyday stresses. Our clients take a personal journey within instead of without. This means that they continue to get closer to their source by using a technological tool.

Going further into ourselves and our level of consciousness brings us closer to an infinite result and understanding of self and environment. We give clients the tools to cut new neuro-pathways, which allow them infinite possibilities of awareness and understanding.