Frequently Asked Questions

What are Brain Training sessions like?

You sit in an "anti-gravity" chair and relax while a technician places several Intellisensors™ on your scalp. You wear ear phones and begin a series of mental visualizations and tasks some of which involve watching a color monitor of your brain activity. As your brain is working you hear a symphony of sounds, which are the unique sounds of your brain feeding its song back to you. Embedded in these sounds is positive feedback that congratulates your brain for its good performance stimulating it to create more neuro-nets.

A session lasts about an hour and is deeply relaxing. Most people start seeing results immediately, but the deeper lasting results can range between 5 - 30 sessions depending on your desired outcome and need.

What is the normal procedure?

Each client requires an assessment before training. You will be asked to fill out a few simple forms and then have a 1 and a half hour assessment session where the practitioner takes readings from 7 sets of locations across your head using standard EEG cables. You will need to have clean hair and be prepared for your head to be touched during the session. Readings will be taken from you while your eyes are closed, while your eyes are half open (looking through your eye-lashes) and with your eyes wide open while doing some sort of mental task like simple math or reading. At the end of the assessment, a report is created which outlines your specific training needs, which are discussed with your practitioner.

How many sessions do I need?

Every brain, like every person, is unique. The recommended minimum is 1 assessment and 10 sessions. Each session uses the protocols recommended to train your brain back into balance and harmony over 4 to 5 days with 2 - 3 sessions per day. You will need to schedule enough time to fulfill the training in this short period of time and it is probably best to book a full 4 - 5 days off work if possible.

Does anything get fed into my brain?

The EEG cables are 'read only' and simply listen to the frequencies emanating from your brain. At no time is anything fed into the brain via these cables. You wear a headset (like the ear buds on an iPod) and listen to tones and frequencies that the computer generates based on your individual training protocols. No two are the same and you will hear "reward" tones when you are training the brain in the desired frequency area.

Is it permanent or will I have to keep coming back for training?

Training is permanent if you follow the advice of your practitioner. Normally it is best to receive all the training within a short period of time, rather than having one training session and waiting a long time until the next one. Unlike training muscles, which atrophy after lack of use, the brain naturally seeks homeostasis (a balanced, stable condition), so after you have trained it is more difficult to get out of balance, and easier to return to balance. A bit like riding a bicycle, once you have learned how to balance it is easy to remember and difficult to force yourself out of balance without a natural desire and tendency to remain in balance.

What can I expect after my training sessions?

How your brain responds is different for each client but fall into a couple of general areas. If you haven't been sleeping well, you may sleep very deeply after the first few sessions and may feel tired for the first few days of training. This is because you have been sleep deprived, even if you think you are sleeping through the night. Do you wake up fully rested or do you feel like you could go back to sleep immediately upon waking? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and then find it hard to go back to sleep? These are all symptoms of stress so when you receive training your body may react by sleeping more.

Otherwise, you may feel energized very quickly and feel more awake, bright and ready to take on the world with renewed enthusiasm. Many people are more depressed than they realise and may feel like a weight has been lifted off them. Some people report increased focus and steady energy throughout the day, instead of requiring naps and frequent coffee breaks.

Can anything bad happen to me?

After training, you may realise that you no longer desire depressants, drugs or stimulants, such as alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine. To some this may sound like a drawback, but the training you receive helps you remain in balance, negating the desire for such 'uppers' or 'downers', instead, you remain bouyant and balanced for longer periods of time and feel more balanced and harmonized! If this condition sounds like a negative one to you, this training may not be what you want.

Does it hurt?

No. There is nothing that can hurt you. In over 50 years of biofeedback and neurofeedback there hasn't been a single reported incident. Many clients report that it is fun and relaxing.

Are there any clients it doesn't work on?

We cannot work with clients who are taking Beta blockers for the heart. Otherwise we can work with anyone over the age of 5.

What's required to get started?

In addition to being truly ready to make positive changes for your well being and a better life -- the first step is a personal assessment which takes approximately 1 1/2 hours. The assessment includes a reading of your brainwaves in six areas of your brain. Your brain balancing protocols are determined by the results of the assessment and the regular brain balancing sessions can begin.

You may have your first brain balancing session immediately following the assessment or at another scheduled time.

How long is a session?

Approximately 2 hrs in length, and 100 minutes is dedicated to brain balancing. The remainder of the time is for moving of the electrodes, computer set up and instructions to and client consultation.

What is the recommended number of sessions for this process to really be effective?

For a client to gain the initial maximum benefit from brain balancing, a series of 12 sessions is required. The first five sessions are required to be done in five days. The remaining seven sessions are scheduled based on client feedback of results. The reason for this schedule is that after a brain balancing session, the new neuropathways (balanced thought) are dominate for 24-48 hours. We believe it is extremely important not to allow significant time between the first five sessions for old neuropathways (unbalanced thought) to become dominate again. It is recommended that most people complete 30 sessions for lasting, optimal balance and effectiveness. The remaining 18 sessions, however, may be scheduled over a one-years time period.

How soon before results are evident?

Results can be and are generally noticed following the first session. Each person is different, therefore the outcome is unique to that individual.

How are results seen?

Results can vary. It depends on why you seek brain balancing. For example, clients with addiction or anger issues usually feel results immediately and people around them quickly notice changes. Clients with less significant imbalances usually show more subtle results which are often noticed first by the people around them, like family members, friends, associates at work, etc. Benefits felt by most clients, regardless of the issues that brought them in are, sense of calmness, relaxation, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep - and the list goes on.

Is this process effective to enhance performance, such as sports, academic performance and work productivity?

Yes, and in fact one of the first success stories was a young college student who went from almost failing to excelling, making the Dean's List and graduating with a 3.8 grade point average within a few months. The technology is also used to increase and improve sports performance for athletes.

What age must a person be to use this technology?

Adults, 18 and over. Children as young as 12 can be candidates for brain balancing. This is determined on a case by case basis and dependent upon the child, the parents and the issues.

Is this a magic pill that will cure what ails me?

Absolutely NOT. Depending upon the issues that brought you to here, we might recommend a variety of other healing modalities which would be discussed during the initial consultation.

Does electricity get processed into the brain or body?

Absolutely NOT. The technology generates sound-waves delivered through earphones that allow your brain to form new, balanced neuroppathways.

Is this process safe?

Yes. The process is non-invasive - meaning, NO drugs, NO electricity into the brain or body, NO surgical procedures. It's simply a form of bio-feedback that balances and harmonizes the brain which enhances the brain's performance.

Who should use this technology?

It is works well for most people - whether you have major issues or behaviors that need improvement and change or if you just want to feel more relaxed, calm and clear-minded - it's for a better life.

Do I have to do anything during the sessions?

Yes. You sit relaxed in a comfortable reclining chair and follow the simple directions of the technician providing the protocols. Sometimes your eyes are open and sometimes closed, while thinking of relaxing, calming thoughts, activities or nothing at all.

Does it interfere with medications?

No it does not.

Are there any medications that prevent brain balancing?

Yes. Brain balancing will not be done if clients are on any kind of beta-blockers. These medications are usually prescribed for heart conditions. Please check with your physician.

Is this process covered by insurance?

Please contact your insurance company as many are now covering biofeedback.